Bodrum AmforalarCentral Muğla Museum : At the Turollan Park section of the museum, fossils discovered and excavated from three fossil beds located at the northern skirts of Kaklıca Hill which is approximately 1 km. northeast of Özlüce Village are exhibited.

The findings discovered from the Yatağan - Stratonikeia Ancient city are also exhibited in the museum.

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Open hours to visit: 8.30 - 18.00 Open days to visit: Everyday except Sundays

Bodrum Museum Detailed Information

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Fethiye Museum Detailed Information

Bodrum Underwater Archeological Museum Detailed Information

Mugla SaklikentAsar Hill (Masadağ - Mobolla) : The Asar Hill which is located at the upper skirts of the today's Muğla urban site and the hill is steeply rising in the directions of west, south and east and having a plain peak and therefore known as the Masa Dağ (Table Mountain) by the local folk. The hill displays a rare natural texture and also contains important archeological ruins. The castle located here is the "Mobolla" Castle which is mentioned in the ancient Hittite inscriptions and is founded on the most suitable hill for the defense of the ancient settlements founded at the region of today's Muğla province. At the lower plain area in front of this site, open air sacred places are clearly visual reflecting the 2nd thousand Anatolian Hittite and 1st thousand Frig and Urartu traditions and continuing their existence at the Carian and Lykian regions at the late periods. The rampart ruins of the Mobolla castle constructed from the rectangular blocks are preserved well. There is a medieval palace constructed from mortared debris stone blocks and having at least three floors which is settled over high terraces located to the north of the plain. There are burial grounds and tombs at the eastern and western skirts of Mobolla castle.

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