ELAZIĞ - Sivrice - Hazarbaba

Located in the Hazarbaba Mountains in the Elazig district, this resort was only opened in 1999 and is still being improved.

Arrival: Elazig is on the western side of the Eastern Anatolian region, and is well connected by road to all over the country. There are daily flights from Ankara, and three trains a week from Istanbul. The Hazarbaba Ski Centre is 25km south of Elazig, and 6km from Sivrice, and there are private vehicles to the centre.

Geography: Hazarbaba Mountain has an altitude of 2347m with an average snow depth of between 100 – 200cm. The season runs between December and March, and has a terrestrial climate.

Facilities: The resort has a ski lodge and a café. Ski equipment is available for hire, and there are plans to construct accommodation facilities. The T-bar was recently upgraded, and the ski run improved to cater for all levels of experience.

Mechanical facilities and running tracks: The older T bar facility was upgraded to 1700 meters in 2000 and the track was improved in order to provide a better skiing environment to beginner and advanced skiers.


Around 40km from Erzincan in North Eastern Anatolia, the Bolkar Ski Resort is in the Bolkar Mountains.

Arrival: From the centre of Erzincan, there are many private and public vehicles to the ski centre. The nearest airport is in Erzurum, around 150km east.

Geography: The season runs between December and April, and the snow is at a depth of up to 1m.

Facilities: The centre has a ski lodge, T-bar and baby-lift. The ski run is around 1.1km long and 200m wide, with a gradient of 20% and is a medium/hard level.

ERZURUM - Palandöken

Palandoken mountain has an altitude of 3185 m, and is south of Erzurum. This was the area of the first extensive study in the country looking at a master plan for tourism potential, which concluded that the area has the necessary potential and qualities to be a major international resort. Given the right facilities, it is estimated that 32,000 people could ski per day and could be the venue of international competitions and even Winter Olympics, giving job opportunities to around 6000 people.

Arrival: There are daily flights to Erzurum from Ankara and Istanbul. The ski resort is 5km from the city centre, and 10 minutes from the airport. During the winter season, there are public buses from the ski resort to the city centre.

Geography: Erzurum is one of the highest and coldest cities of Turkey, with a harsh terrestrial climate and covered with snow 150 days of a year, and an average annual snowfall of 2-3m. The dominant wind direction is southerly and westerly. The skiing area is at an altitude of 2200m – 3176m, and best time to ski is between 10 December - 10 May.

Facilities: There are 4- and 5-star hotels with restaurants, and ski instruction and equipment rental services are available. The slopes here are among the longest and steepest in the world, each one up to 12km, giving a total length of around 28 km. With the altitude difference of 1000 metres between the start and finish line, Palandoken has two registered tracks for competitions of Slalom and grand Slalom. (Ejder Track and Kapikaya Track). There are five chair-lifts, one T-bar, two baby lifts and a gondola lift


The Zigana Ski Centre is in the Black Sea Region, 40km north of Gumushane.

Arrival: Zigana is 60km south of Trabzon, the closest airport, and just 500m from the main road leading north of Gumushane. There is public and private transport from the ski centre to the city.

Geography: Covered mainly with forest, the ski runs are between altitudes of 1900-2500m, and covered with grass for most of the year. The season is between December and April, and there is an average snow depth of 1.5m.

Facilities: The ski centre has a lodge, a T-bar and baby-lift. The ski run is around 200m wide, with an average gradient of 20%.

ISPARTA - Davraz

The Davraz Ski Centre is in the Western Mediterranean, 26km from the centre of Isparta.


Arrival: Municipal buses run from the ski centre to the city. Isparta’s Suleyman Demirel Airport is 58km away, and Isparta is well connected by bus to other areas of the country.

Geography: Davraz moutains, with an altitude of 2637m), is part of the range between Egirdir and Kovada Lakes, which surround the Isparta Valley in the area known as the Lake District. The ski centre has a terrestrial climate and the season runs between December and April. The snow is between 0.5 – 2m deep, and the mountain has a bare appearance with little vegetation and enabling different winter sports.

Facilities: The ski lodge has a capacity of 50 beds, and has a large restaurant. Other hotels in the centre of Isparta or the Egirdir area are also convenient. The chair-lift starts at an altitude of 1674m and ascends to 1961m, and the ski runs are 4km long.

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