İZMİR - Ödemiş - Bozdağ

Bozdag Ski Resort is near Odemis, 110km southeast of Izmir. .

Arrival: Izmir is easily accessible by road or by air. The ski resort can be reached directly from the city centre with public or private vehicles.

Geography: The skiing season runs between December to March, and there is a snow depth of around 100cm. The ski areas are at an altitude of between 1700 – 2157m and the northern slopes are suitable for alpine discipline.

Facilities: Accommodation facilities are under construction.


The Ilgaz mountains are in the Black Sea region, in the city borders of Kastamonu and Cankiri, and have an altitude of 2850 meters. Besides winter sports, this National Park is a popular and beautiful spot all year round.


Arrival: The Ilgaz ski resort lies 40km from Kastamonu and 73km from Cankiri, and 203km northeast from its nearest airport, Ankara. Tour buses and private vehicles make the journey from the centre of Kastamonu.



Geography: The region has a terrestrial climate, and the dominant wind direction is north-northwest. The skiing season runs between December and April. The snow is between 1-2km deep, and the ski runs are between 1800-2000m altitude.



Facilities: There are five government guest-houses and two hotels at the resort, with another hotel 3km away. There are facilities for medical care, plus ski instructors and equipment for hire. In 2001, a 5-star hotel with 320 bed capacity, and 88 hotel apartments opened in nearby Bostan. There is a double-seated chair-lift and T-bar, and a baby-lift at the private hotel 3km away.


KARS - Sarıkamış

In the Eastern Anatolia Region and 55km south-west of Kars, the Sarikamis Ski Resort is on the Camurlu mountain at an altitude of 2634m, and is renowned for its good quality of snow.

The Cibiltepe, with an altitude of 2500m, is an area of wonderful natural beauty and has five ski runs, the longest of which is 12 km long. It is covered with crystallised snow and therefore is very challenging.

Arrival: Sarikamis Ski Resort is 60km south-west of the centre of Kars, and 50km from the airport. It is also accessible from Erzurum airport, south-west. There are direct buses to the ski resort from Kars airport (40 mins) and Erzurum airport (90 mins). From the centre of Kars, there are no public vehicles.

Geography: The skiing area is between the altitudes of 2100 -2634m, within the pine forests. There is an average depth of 1.5m and is quite typical of Alpine conditions, and the best ski season is between 20 December - 20 March. It has a terrestrial climate, with a dominant south-westerly wind direction.

Facilities: There are two government guest-houses, and other private accommodation. Ski instructors and equipment is available for rent, and there is first aid, security and health services available, more hotels and hospital in the Sarikamis area. There is a military zone which can be used for helicopter landings. There are two chairlifts and one T-bar, plus two 4-seater T-bars.

KAYSERİ - Erciyes

Erciyes Dagi (3916 m.), the highest peak in Central Anatolia, rises 25km south of Kayseri. The peak of the mountain, an extinct volcano, is covered with snow throughout the year, and there is a 1km-long glacier in the northern region of the mountain. The ski resort is at the Tekir Plateau, on the northern slopes of the mountain and in addition to skiing, Erciyes is one of the most important mountains of the country for mountaineering.

Arrival: Erciyes is 40 minutes by road from Kayseri airport, and 30 minutes from the city centre. Most hotels organise transport to the ski area for their visitors.

Geography: The skiing areas on the eastern and northern slopes of the Erciyes Mountain are between the altitudes of 2200 -3100m. The best season for skiing is between late November and late April, with an average depth of approximately 2m of very powdery snow. The region has a terrestrial climate and the dominant wind direction is southerly and westerly.

Facilities: There are four government guest-houses and a private hotel, plus restaurants, bars, swimming pool, large café and medical facilities. Ski instructors and equipment rental are available. There is one chair-lift and two T-bars.


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